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A Remote Sensing and GIS-based model of avian s...
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Inhaltsangabe:Introduction: Over 10% (1186 species) of the bird species in the world are threatened with extinction in the near future, almost all of them due to habitat change or loss by man. Likewise, 1130 mammals, 296 reptiles, 146 amphibians and 5611 plants have been identified as endangered species. The destruction of natural habitat is the major factor contributing to the global species extinction event. The increasing loss of biodiversity has centred on conducting inventories and monitoring species and habitats, especially in identifying areas of high species richness, threatened species and species of restricted or local distribution. In 1992 the UNCED-Conference in Rio de Janeiro pointed out the need for monitoring the environment, leading to the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Agenda 21. Article 7 of the Convention on Biological Diversity deals with identification and monitoring, which are to be undertaken with sampling and other techniques. New methodologies with a view to undertaking systematic sampling and evaluation of the components of biological diversity are to be developed. While the number of identified threatened species has increased dramatically, a huge gap in knowledge of ecosystems and their fauna and flora remains. Distribution, status and ecology of species are mostly unknown in many countries, as is the degree they are endangered. In view of the immense unknown ecosystems in the world, a great number of which are located in developing countries, conventional survey and mapping methods cannot deliver the necessary information in a timely and cost-effective fashion. Nature conservation will require large volumes of Remote Sensing (RS) data if the quality of planning is to improve. With RS technology, we may be able to make real progress in understanding why more species occur in some places than in others and in identifying the most critical places that must be protected to preserve the maximum number of species into the 22nd century and beyond. As current air photos are often not available, satellite images are the sole source of data for many regions of the world. Fortunately, computer technology has improved enormously in the last years, mainly processing time, storage requirements as well as programme features and possibilities. Concurrent declining costs of computer hardware have favoured the design of new techniques for special data processing and combining remotely sensed information with other extensive [...]

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